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      Please Read Everything Carefully 

This weekend and for the rest of the year we will be returning to

          The High School For Career Development

          510 Clermont Avenue ( corner of Atlantic Avenue )
                      4 Blocks from The Barclays Center
Summer Camp: Information will be posted
Travel Teams: Information posted below
Spring League: Sign up for our spring league this Weekend
                                     Information posted below   







  Spring League Schedule:



Saturday April 26th workouts / training




pre k- K, 1st, 2nd grade_____3:45 pm



3rd, 4th, 5th, grade________4:45 pm


6th 7th & 8th grade_______ 5:45 pm



9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade__6:45 pm 


 Spring League
You may Sign Up Saturday April 19th  
Anytime from 3:30 pm till 8:00 pm. 
Some Spring League Facts
+ open to all boys & girls
+ everyone makes a team 
+ all players play half of every game
+ from grade: pre k (3 year old-12th (19year old
+ players receive: a reversible jersey and shorts 
a trophy and other awards at the league end 
+ 4 training sessions ( minimum )
+ 4 league games ( minimum )
Call or text 718-751-6931







AAU Travel Team Schedule 2nd Grade


Columbus Ohio May 23rd- May 26th


Memphis Tennessee July 7th to the 12th



AAU Travel Team Schedule 3rd Grade


Columbus Ohio May 23rd- May 26th


Orlando, Florida  July 14th - 19th



AAU Travel Team Schedule 9th and 10th Grade


Long Island, NY   April 4th - April 6th


Patterson, NJ       April 18th - April 20th        


Pittsburgh, PA     April 25th - April 27th        


Providence, RI     May 9th -   May 11th        


Staten Island, NY  May 17th - May 18th              


Columbus Ohio  May 23rd - May 26th        


Baltimore, MD    June 13th - June 15th            


Bronx, NY        June 20th - June 22nd


Philadelphia, PA  July 19th - July21st              


Las Vegas, NV     July 23rd - July 27th    









Brooklyn USA Basketball is a Big Time AAU basketball program for children ages 3-19 years of age.With 1.084 members 
Brooklyn USA Basketball has been the leading youth Basketball program in Brooklyn, NY for the past 24 years. Having help place 706 students in College across the nation, 141 of our alumni have played or are currently playing Pro basketball overseas and 17 of our former players have played or are playing in the NBA.

Brooklyn USA has 12 AAU elite travel basketball teams grades two through twelve who compete in leagues and tournaments in Brooklyn, around New York City, and across the Nation. There are 132 young men participating on our travel team. Brooklyn USA has won 98 National Titles in various age groups in different cities in the USA.

Brooklyn USA runs a basketball league for children grades pre K through 12 grades in which everyone who wants a chance to play basketball regardless of their basketball skill, is place on a team and plays in a league. This Development league is run 3 times a year with a total of 1,260 boys and girls participating.

Brooklyn USA has put on a National High School Basketball Tournament where High School teams from across the Nation have come to Brooklyn to compete against High School teams from Brooklyn.     

Brooklyn USA run’s an annual college exposure basketball camp for 240 high school age students who have either not qualified for a 4 year college, have not been accepted to a college or have dropped out of high school and would like to attend a college. Each year hundreds of college division two, three, NAIA, and junior college coaches around the Country attend this event.

Brooklyn USA Basketball has offered academic help to its student athletes in the form of after school tutoring, State wide Regis testing prep, high school entrance exams prep,  SAT and ACT college prep course, counseling  

Brooklyn USA Basketball mission is to use the great sport of Basketball and it’s team concepts to help children stay in school, work hard at all they do in life, promote team work and community participation, and to help advance their education by help placing them in College and University around the Country. None exemplifies this more than the story of Jamaal Tinsley who join Brooklyn USA at age ten who later dropout of high school twice, had no high school class credit, no GED and was place by the Brooklyn USA Director in a Junior College in California where he earn his GED, played on the college basketball team was a two time all State player and earned an associate college degree, all in two years. He than went on to play at Iowa State on a basketball scholarship where he was an All American basketball star. Jamaal Tinsley graduated from Iowa State was selected by the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the 2001 NBA draft and is playing his thirteenth season in the NBA.

Thomas Sicignano